Thank you for your interest in performing at Kavarna!

We handle shows a little differently, so here’s a basic run-down. If your band-performance-showing-reading-traveling-acrobats seem like a good fit, cool! If not – that’s fine too! Atlanta is home to a thriving and diverse arts community, and your project will certainly find a home here.

Who We Are

Kavarna is more event space than music venue. We are predominantly a neighborhood coffee house, but we host events of all kinds (art, lit, dance, music…) on most Saturday evenings between 8pm and midnight.

We want to book folks with a good local draw, who can put together their own evening line-up (2 or 3 bands, or 2-3 hours of performance/event time), and do their own promotion. We provide you with a comfortable performance space complete with all of Kavarna’s amenities for your guests.

What You Should Bring

What Kavarna requires in return for hosting your event is at least 50+ customers in the door for your show. This part is very important. We normally close at 8pm, and we DO NOT have a built-in audience for events, so bringing people in the door is entirely up to you – and it’s the only payment we ask for in return for the use of our space and staff.

We have a full PA system, but we do not employ a sound person. If you need to use our PA, you will have to provide your own experienced sound tech. Our staff won’t be available to assist with the PA (they’ll be busy focusing on serving your guests!), so you’ll be on your own with any issues. You are welcome to charge a cover and/or sell merchandise, we do not take a percentage – we’ll even help you collect the door money.

Sunday Evening Chill

If the above is not within your scope – or not what you’re looking to do – we also book low-key earlier shows on Sunday evenings. The window for performance is 5:30-7:30, but the whole time need not be filled.

Sorry, no cover charges on Sundays, but you are welcome to sell merch and/or put out a tip jar. One or two “chill” bands work out great for our Sunday slots. Literary readings, spoken word, and poetry are also good fits. These shows need to be either acoustic or “BYO amps” – we  don’t set up our PA. Although we typically try to book Sundays first for “chill” events, other evenings (not Saturdays) may be a possibility within the same time slot.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If one of these options seems like a good fit for you, email us at we’ll be happy to discuss adding you to our calendar.