Thank you for your interest in booking an event at Kavarna!  

By day we are a busy neighborhood coffee house, but we also host events on Saturday evenings after-hours – between 8pm and midnight. We will sometimes book an event on Friday evening instead of Saturday, but we can only host one after-hours event per week.

We host local Atlanta/Decatur acts and community events with a good local draw, who can put together their own line-up with about 3 hours of entertainment (at least 2, preferably 3 bands), and who can handle their own promotion. We have a full PA system, but we do not have a sound person – you will need to bring someone to run your sound.  You are welcome (encouraged, even!) to charge a cover (BYO door person) and/or sell merchandise, we do not take a percentage, any money you make is yours to keep.

You are responsible for planning and executing every aspect of your event at Kavarna. We provide you with a comfortable performance space complete with all of Kavarna’s amenities, and staff to serve your guests. Since the events are after our posted closing hours the entire customer space is yours to use. What Kavarna requires in return is thirsty people – 75 or more customers in our door who will purchase beer or wine during your show. We are a coffee shop not a music venue, we normally close at 8pm, and we DO NOT have a built-in audience so bringing people in the door for your event is entirely up to you – and the only way we get paid for your use of our space and our staff. 

In order to book an event at Kavarna you will need to provide a $250 shared risk deposit – this deposit will be returned to you in full after the event as long as our break-even sales goal of $450 is reached. If the sales goal is not reached we will only keep the portion necessary to make up the difference between our actual sales and the $450 sales goal in order to cover our expenses for the evening (a portion of any deposit money we keep goes directly to our staff to make up for gratuity loss). To put this in perspective: if 50-75 people come to your show and purchase about 2 beers or glasses of wine each the sales goal will be easily reached. 

We also book some low-key events on Sunday evenings between 5:30pm and 7:30pm. Literary readings, spoken word, and poetry are the best fit for our Sunday bookings. We will sometimes host music on a Sunday, but generally only if it is a local, community event (like a student recital or fundraising event). Sunday events must provide their own PA if needed.

Thank you for taking the time to read this! If one of these options seems like a good fit for you, email us at we’ll be happy to discuss adding you to our  events calendar.